The PTA Needs YOU!

Now is the time to get involved! Our PTA is accepting nominations for next year’s board! Elections take place at the May meeting (which will be in person), so the time to nominate is now! Our open positions are:

  • President
  • 1st Vice President
  • Recording Secretary
  • PTA Council of Howard County Representatives (2 positions open)

Nominations are accepted via this online form – click here to access!

The PTA’s work helps build a sense of community among SJLES families and create lasting memories for students! And surprise… Volunteering for the school in this way is so rewarding!

As a more somber recruitment pitch, without a president, our school will not have a PTA at all next year. That will mean no teacher/staff appreciation events, no funds for teachers and grade-level teams, no family fun events like Turkey Trot or May Day, and no representation of SJLES at the county PTA council.

You can do it! When Katie took this position last year, she thought “What am I doing?!”. But now she thinks “I love what I’m doing! It’s fun, we have a strong school community, and my PTA work fills me with pride (and it was not as time consuming as I had thought….)!” If you have questions or want to talk it over, please reach out to her (current President Katie Brewer) at