PTA Positions

For the 2023 – 2024 School Year

Board of Directors: Contact Info

Vice President 1Chinedu
Vice President 2Christian
Recording Secretary
Corresponding SecretarySarah
PTACHC RepresentativesSarah Sherry
Seba Kurian

Board Position Descriptions

PTA President

  • Lead PTA Meetings
  • Check-in with Committee Chairs about the progress of programs and events
  • Set the Calendar of Events (with Principal and member feedback)
  • Provide feedback to Treasurer to help create the budget
  • Collaborate with Corresponding Secretary and review communication sent to the community
  • Coordinate discussions with Board members and/or General Membership relating to feedback and consensus for operational changes
  • Reserve School Property spaces for PTA events through the County EMS (Event Management System)
  • Sign all contracts for PTA funded activities
  • Presentation at Back to School Night to explain our mission
  • See President Document here

Vice President

  • Assist President as needed
  • Work with all committees along with President to be a central point of contact
  • Reviews all vendor contracts
  • Liaise with our insurance company to ensure we are following their policies and requirements
  • Manages processes relating to Education Enrichment Program
  • See VP Document here


  • Prepare the budget in collaboration with feedback from the Board
  • Properly receive, deposit, and disperse funds according to the bylaws and approved budget
  • Share the treasurer’s report at each PTA meeting
  • Pay all authorized PTA financial obligations
  • Prepare and submit forms (for taxes, insurance, etc)
  • Maintain records, prepare and arrange for financial review
  • Retain financial documents
  • Training available from PTACHC (PTA Council of Howard County)
  • See Treasurer Document here

Recording Secretary

  • Records minutes for all PTA meetings
    • Helpful things to include in the minutes are:
      • Attendance
      • Results of any voting
      • Action items
  • Sends minutes to Website Admin so they can be added to the PTA website

Corresponding Secretary

  • Handles communication to the school community
    • Upcoming info onto PTA Facebook page
    • Write PTA updates to be emailed to school
    • Notify website administrator of posts to add to PTA website
  • Assists Committee Chairs with creating flyers on occasion
  • See full Step-by-Step Job Guide here

PTACHC Representatives

  • Attend PTACHC (PTA Council of Howard County) meetings once a month
  • Provide updates to the SJLES membership at monthly meetings

Non-Board Position Descriptions

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Create Sign-Up Geniuses as needed for events and programs
  • Update and Manage Volunteer List 
  • Send information to addresses on Volunteer List, highlighting if there is a specific need
  • Communicate volunteer info to local student groups (MHHS, NHS, Scouts, etc)
  • Help single-day volunteers understand their job for the event
  • See Volunteer Document here

Committee Chairs

  • Plan specific aspects and details for the event/program
  • Communicate plans with President/VP 
  • Coordinate with any possible vendors
  • Create flyers/forms for the event/program
  • Communicate with Volunteer Coordinator for volunteer needs
  • Communicate information to Corresponding Secretary to disperse
  • See Information for Committees Document here
  • See Event/Programs Guides here

Grants Coordinator 

  • Seek out and apply for grants that can benefit the students of SJLES