PTA of Howard County Updates

The PTA Council of Howard County (PTACHC) hosts monthly General Meetings as an opportunity for local PTA delegates to present ideas, debate issues, become better informed and vote on PTACHC business. At each meeting, SJLES will be represented by one of our delegates, Sarah Sherry or Seba Kurian, who will share our collective voice and bring back information to share with our community. 

Notable updates from the first PTACHC General Meeting (Aug 28) are as follows:

  • The Maryland State Legislative Delegates will be in attendance at the PTACHC General Meeting on Monday, Oct. 2 for their annual visit to listen to and understand the priorities of the PTA. What feedback, questions, and concerns do you want our state lawmakers to know? Please share your input to the Google Form by Friday, Sept. 29, so we can make sure the voice of SJLES is heard.
  • The Howard County General Plan – a document that guides land use, growth and development decisions in Howard County and is only updated once every ten years – is in its final review. The last Public Hearing on this document is being held on Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 7PM – this is the last opportunity to provide input. For more information, visit
  • For more information on PTACHC business, including monthly meeting notes and legislation, please visit

SJLES is a strong voice in our community because we have informed parents who can impact decisions and policies which will affect our children. USE YOUR VOICE TODAY to make a difference on these and other issues that shape the future of our county! If you have general opinions and input you would like shared to the PTACHC or Maryland’s State Delegates, please share it with us through the Google Form, here.