Join the SJLES Read-a-thon! January 9 – 27, 2023

Q: What is Read-a-thon?

A: Read-a-thon is a reading fundraiser that makes it easy, fun and rewarding to practice reading at home and at school! There is no required number of books to read, and no specific time requirement. The goal is simply to have fun reading! Family and friends are invited to support students with a one-time donation.

Q: How long is the event?

A: The Read-a-thon officially begins on Monday, January 9, and runs through Friday, January 27. We’ll celebrate the start of Read-a-thon at our Cozy Reading Night, held at SJLES on Thursday, January 12, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.!

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Create your account right here by entering your student’s homeroom teacher code, listed below. Then invite family and friends to support your child’s Read-a-thon with a donation. It only takes a few minutes! During the registration process, you’ll have the option to send emails and texts to family and friends directly from the site, or you can have an email sent to your inbox that you’ll be able to forward as you wish. There is no requirement to read a certain number of books or minutes-per-day. However, reading minutes can be logged easily through your account if you wish to track and encourage your child’s reading.

Q: How does my child earn prizes?

Your child will earn 15% of all donations that they receive to spend in the prize store. Choose from more than 200 fun prizes! Stay tuned for more details about redeeming prizes.

Q: Are there sponsorship opportunities for businesses?

A: Do you own or manage a business that you’d like the SJLES community to know about? Read-a-thon offers ad sponsorships so your company’s information can be displayed on all the fundraising pages throughout the program. Go to and enter code 52158 to learn more.

Let’s get reading!

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S. Hunter3113114
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