Get to Know the HCPSS Budget

The PTA Council of Howard County (PTACHC) discussed the district’s budget for Fiscal Year 2023 at its March 7 meeting. Revenue was a hot topic at this meeting, because it appears revenues are not keeping pace with expenditures. The majority of HCPSS funds come from the county council. This is a great opportunity for parents to advocate for the school system. The State has funding for capital expenditures, but currently requires HCPSS to match any contributions provided by the state. We can advocate with our HoCo Senators and Delegates to have this match removed.

The budget is over 600 pages of data but for the key points read the following sections: “Factors Influencing the Budget” beginning on page 19, “Summary of FY 2023 Superintendent’s Proposed Operating Budget Expenditures” on page 20, and “FY 2023 Operating Budget Changes” on page 40. A link to the budget can be found on the HCPSS home page:

In summary, the FY 2023 Superintendent’s Proposed Operating Budget totals $1.07 billion, which is about $112.5 million, or an 11.7 percent increase over the FY 2022 Approved Budget (revised). A summary of the budget by state category is shown in the table on page 20.