5th Grade Send Off Activities

Dear 5th Grade Families:

We are excited to announce the end of year send off activities for the SJLES Class of 2021. The 5th Grade PTA Committee is pleased to support these school-sponsored activities to create a memorable and special conclusion to elementary school for our outstanding 5th graders!

On Wednesday, June 9th, SJLES supported by the SJLES PTA will host a virtual recognition ceremony in the morning, followed by an optional in-person car parade event at SJLES (times to be announced soon).

Additionally, the 5th Graders are sponsoring a class gift to SJLES to commemorate their time as Jaguars. The 2021 class gift is a lending library box that will be installed at the front of the school. 

Please see the options below to get involved with 5th Grade Send Off activities:

  • I am interested in making a financial donation to the 5th Grade Send Off (checks made payable to SJLES PTA)
  • I am interested in volunteering for the 5th Grade Send Off
    • Volunteer to help coordinate the in-person event
    • Volunteer to work at the in-person event
    • Volunteer to coordinate the library box painting with a small group of students

If you are interested in sending a financial donation, please visit our PTA donation site, or drop off your check to the SJLES front office or send with your child in an envelope (marked PTA, 5th Grade Activities). 

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to Teri Stevens (terimstevens@gmail.com) and April Baer (April.baer1@gmail.com). 

Thank you and let us know if you have any questions!
Teri Stevens and April Baer, 5th Grade Parent Volunteers