Event Details Old

Last updated for the 2020 – 2021 school year. More details to come.

Due to COVID-19, many of our events will be different this year. Some of these changes are noted in each event.

5th Grade Programs

  • Dates: Throughout the year
  • Time Commitment: Minimal/Medium
  • Help plan and organize fifth grade events such as 5th grade t-shirts
  • Bed head contest
  • Special 5th grade day
  • Post-Simulated Congressional Hearings party
  • 5th grade picnic
  • NSJ pool party (private – not PTA)

Book Fair

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Virtual Bookfair in October. Coordinator required to oversee & promote within the school community
  • Dates: One week in Feb/March
  • Book shop set up in SJLES Media Center for a week in March – allowing kids and parents to select books to buy or donate to the school
  • Nov/Dec: Confirm dates with Scholastic Rep, checkout online toolkit, request volunteers, coordinate with SJLES Media Center
  • Mid/Late Dec: order free promotional kit, set up display case, design/order flyers
  • Early/Mid Jan: Deliver Scholastic catalogs and flyers, get startup money from PTA treasurer
  • During Fair: Help with setup, coordinate volunteers, secure cash drawers at night, help count money, run financials on registers
  • Training: available online from Scholastic, also notes/cheat sheet/binder available (can run this with no previous experience!)

Bingo Night

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Can we do a virtual event?
  • Dates: December
  • Bingo night held in SJLES cafeteria

Bulletin Board / Display Case

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Subject to school re-opening plan
  • Dates: Spring
  • Helps keep the bulleting board and display case in SJLES up to date.

Campus Enhancements

Help with planting, weeding and mulching our entryway.

Cultural Arts

Work with school staff to schedule in-house field trips and musical presentations.

Exterior Marquee

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Subject to school re-opening plan
  • Dates: Spring
  • This person keeps the marquee in front of the school updated with current event information.

Field Day

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Subject to school re-opening plan
  • Dates: Spring
  • Coordinate volunteers for field day

Field Day Lunch

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Subject to school re-opening plan
  • Dates: Spring
  • Coordinate catering for volunteers at Field Day

Field Day T-Shirts

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Subject to school re-opening plan
  • Dates: Spring
  • Coordinate t-shirt design & order for all SJLES students (worn on Field day)

Friday Folders

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Subject to school re-opening plans
  • Dates: Spring
  • Coordinate volunteers to stuff folders for students
  • All SJLES kids have folders which the teachers/school/PTA use to communicate with families (event flyers, letters, local community information).
  • Filling folders every day is a time-consuming job for our teachers, which could be taken over by volunteers.

Ice Cream Social

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Subject to school re-opening plans
  • Dates: Spring
  • Fun social night – Usually coinciding with the Book Fair
  • Coordinate ice cream sundae bar and volunteers

Interior Campus Enhancements

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Projects yet to be determined. Subject to school re-opening plans
  • Works with the school to identify areas of potential improvement within the school.
  • Example: During the 2019-2020 school year, we remodeled the Teacher Staff room

Jaguar Jamboree

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Subject to school re-opening plans
  • Dates: Spring
  • Really fun evening for the kids
  • Ticketed event
  • Coordinate volunteers and games, see Jaguar Jamboree for more details

Kindergarten Welcoming / Boo Hoo Breakfast

  • 2020-2021 Changes: We need help coordinating possible virtual events with break-out options? This will also take place sometime in September
  • Dates: First day of school
  • Kindergarten parents, whether tears of joy or sadness, please join us for the Boo Hoo Breakfast in the SJLES Cafeteria from about 9-10am on the first day of school. Younger siblings welcome!
  • Parents of older children, can you volunteer to help with food setup and greeting Kindergarten parents? Thanks!

May Day

Details coming soon


  • Help register members for the PTA each school year and deliver membership cards
  • Design flyers/membership forms for distribution to parents via para-educator mailboxes
  • Advertise the PTA at some events (Kindergarten play-dates, Back to School night)
  • New online tools

Memory Book

This team helps coordinate collection of photos and the creation of the school Memory Book.

Multicultural Night

Coordinate Multicultural Night, a family event where students can share and celebrate their heritage and experience cultural and linguistic diversity.

Original Works

Coordinate Original Works fundraiser with Art teachers.

Restaurant Nights

  • Choose restaurants and dates for fundraiser nights
  • Develop and distribute flyers to para-educators for delivery to students
  • Advertise in PTA newsletter, marquee in front of school
  • Arrange for money raised to be given to PTA treasurer

Retail Receipts (Box Tops for Education)

  • Send monthly forms to Howard County Print Shop for copying
  • Distribute forms to all students monthly through para-educator mailboxes
  • Check collection box at least once per month
  • Bundle and submit Box Tops to Box Tops for Education for reimbursement

Room Parent Coordination

  • Dates: September/October
  • Liaise with teachers to find a parent willing to be room coordinator
  • The goal is for all classes to have a room parent.

Science Fair

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Subject to school re-opening plans
  • Dates: Spring
  • Time Commitment: Minimal
  • Kids are invited to present an experiment or research project at a non-competitive Science Fair in the SJLES Cafeteria
  • Plan and organize participants and judges.
  • Help set up, clean up, organize participants and judges for the event

Spirit Wear

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Promote sales via social media and distribute stock we still have in inventory. Going forward we will only handle sales, distribution will be handled by a third party.
  • Dates: Throughout the year
  • Decide when to hold spirit wear sale (Fall or Spring or both)
  • Choose spirit wear vendor and designs/items to sell
  • Make flyer (usually vendor will do it for you)
  • Distribute flyers to para-educators to give to students
  • Collect order forms and money
  • Provide numbers to vendor
  • Count money, give to PTA treasurer
  • Distribute spirit wear items to school when delivered by vendor. Separate by grades to make it easy to distribute.

Staff Appreciation

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Figure out ways to still show our appreciation?
  • Dates: Ongoing
  • There are various events throughout the year
  • Coordinating catering for conference evenings
  • Coordination of activities during Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Coordinate volunteers for setup/cleanup.

Teacher Support

  • Dates: Throughout the year
  • Time Commitment: Can be time consuming
  • Requires a lot of coordination
  • Has its own person/budget. 
  • Contacts teachers/team leaders throughout the year find out their needs (glue sticks, EXPO markers, etc.)
  • Purchases and delivers these products.

Turkey Trot

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Can we do a virtual variation? Perhaps a loop around the neighborhood? We need help figuring something out.
  • Dates: November
  • Annual family walk/run around the Mt Hebron HS track
  • Prizes for kids who do the most laps

Volunteer Coordinator/Recruiting

  • Dates: Throughout the year
  • Compiles completed volunteer forms at the beginning of the year and record contact info in a spreadsheet
  • Distributes volunteer lists to committees (based on responses on Membership forms) for use throughout the year
  • Assists school with gathering volunteers for first week of school arrivals (bus/walker/car rider tagging)
  • Vision & Hearing testing

Walking Wednesday

  • 2020-2021 Changes: Subject to school re-opening plans
  • Dates: Spring
  • October-November and April -June
  • Time Commitment- Medium. Each Wednesday-during part or all of recess.
  • Help plan and organize so our kids can walk for exercise and earn charms during recess.
  • Help hand out and mark cards and charms.


Maintains and updates the SJLES PTA website.