Book Fair FAQ

SJLES’ Books Bring Us Together! Book FairFrequently Asked Questions

  • When is the SJLES Scholastic Book Fair? 
    Our Book Fair runs from Monday, March 21st through Friday, March 25th in the Media Center. 
  • When is shopping available? 
    Shopping is available for students during their media class. Shopping is available for families after school on Wednesday, March 23rd from 3:35pm to 7:30pm.
  • How can students and families purchase books? 
    There are several options:  
    • 1. Cash:  Families may send cash in the attached ziplock bag for their students  to use at the Book Fair on the day of the student’s media class. If sending cash, parents can complete and return the Book Fair Questionnaire (either the hardcopy on the attached ziplock bag or the online Google Form).
    • 2. eWallet.  An eWallet is a secure, cashless way for students to shop the fair. Parents can go to to create an eWallet account for each student and add funds as early as February 28th. Funds are immediately available for use at both the in-person and virtual Book Fair. Any unused funds become a gift card balance that can be used online with Scholastic or to fund an eWallet for a future Book Fair. eWallet funds never expire. If using eWallet, parents can complete and return the Book Fair Questionnaire (either the hardcopy on the attached ziplock bag or the online Google Form).  
    • 3. Wish Lists.  During media class, students may create and bring home a “Wish List” of books they would like to purchase. Students can return the Wish List Order Form, along with payment by check made payable to SJLES PTA, by Friday March 25th to their homeroom teacher. We will deliver your child’s books to them that day, pending availability.
    • 4. After School:  Families may shop after school on Wednesday, March 23rd from 3:35pm to 7:30pm.  
  • Can families pay by credit card? 
    Yes, families who come to the Book Fair during the after-school hours (3:35pm to 7:30pm) on Wednesday, March 23rd may pay by eWallet, cash, credit card, or check made payable to SJLES PTA.   
  • Is there non-book merchandise available at the Book Fair? 
    Yes, in addition to books, there will be posters, and other non-book merchandise such as pens, erasers, bookmarks, etc. for sale. For students paying with cash or eWallet, parents can indicate on the Book Fair Questionnaire whether students may purchase non-book merchandise at the Book Fair or whether students are restricted to books only.
  • What is the SJLES Book Fair Questionnaire? 
    This is an optional form for families sending cash or using eWallet.   If families choose to, they may indicate whether their students are restricted to books only or they may purchase books or other non-book merchandise (posters, pens, erasers, bookmarks, etc.).  Families may complete the form right on the attached ziplock bag or online here:
  • How can families contribute to teachers’ classroom libraries? 
    There are two options.  
    • 1. During the in-person Book Fair hours, parents may pick a Donation Slip from the Teachers’ Wish List Board and purchase that book for the teachers’ classroom library.  
    • 2. Parents may donate money to a teacher’s eWallet account. The teacher can then use those funds to buy books for their classroom. Not every teacher will have an eWallet account. But if a teacher has created one, the teacher will send the eWallet code directly to their class by email.  
  • What if families cannot come to the Book Fair after school on Wednesday, March 23rd? Is there a virtual Book Fair? 
    Yes. The virtual Book Fair runs from March 21 through April 3. See the expanded book selection (all ages through adult) at All online orders of $25 or more ship free to you. 
  • How do I make a charitable donation to “All For Books”? 
    Round up to the nearest dollar, donate your change, or choose your own donation amount. Please see the attached flyer for All For Books charity details.
  • Does the Book Fair benefit SJLES? 
    Yes! Every purchase from the Book Fair earns books and rewards for our school.  
  • Do I have to pay sales tax? 
    Yes.  Sales tax is not included in the prices of the books and other merchandise.  Therefore, 6% sales tax will be added to all totals at checkout.  
  • I still have more questions.  Who can I contact? 
    If you have additional questions, please contact and we’ll put you in touch with Book Fair chair Emily Vainieri.