What do I need to know about carpool?

Your support is needed when dropping off your child in the morning and picking up your child at the end of the school day. A few unsafe situations have been observed. This is a result of parents allowing children out of the car before entering the car loop (morning) or motioning them to a parked car (afternoon). As such, we ask your support and patience in providing a safe and orderly situation for our students by adhering to the following guidelines on a daily basis:

  1. If you would like to leave your car to greet your child at the carpool entrance, you should find a legal parking space and accompany your child to the car.
  2. At peak times, please pull all the way around the carpool circle before stopping to allow students to disembark.
  3. Students should disembark on the passenger side of your vehicle so that they do not have to cross between parked vehicles.
  4. NEVER ENTER THE ENTRANCE TO THE BUS LANE at arrival or dismissal time. This presents a dangerous situation for all students.

Can I arrange for my child to ride a different bus?

A change in a student’s bus can only be made with an administrator’s approval. We cannot approve bus changes for play dates and/or parties. In a true emergency, please put your request in writing and an administrator will contact you. We want our students to be safe. In the event of a bus accident, we need to know who is on the bus. Our bus capacity is also based on the number of children at each stop; so adding a student to a bus for even a day can create space issues.

Do the students have personal mailboxes?

Many classrooms have student mailboxes. If you happen to be volunteering in your child’s classroom, please do not use the student mailboxes for delivering personal notes or personal items. Personal items should be delivered outside of school.

Is food allowed in the classroom?

There are a few times during the year when there is a school wide celebration, such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day. These are is an alternate activity provided that includes watching a video and having an approved snack. You may be asked to donate a food item that has been previously approved in accordance with the HCPSS Food and Wellness Policies. The approval process involves the teacher turning in a list of the food(s) and ingredients to the nurse and the administration. A careful check for food allergies is made and parents of any students with allergies are called. Since food allergies can be life threatening, we want to be sure that all students are safe at all times. In addition, we are hoping to model healthy eating habits for our students as we choose healthy snacks whenever possible.

How are party invitations handled?

Invitations to birthday or other personal events should not take place at school. Please do not send your child to school with invitations for birthdays or parties. Invitations should be delivered outside of school. A school directory is being compiled by the PTA and will come home in the near future. This may be used to contact your child’s classmates during the year for these types of activities.

How do we celebrate birthdays?

Student birthdays are celebrated each morning by announcing the child’s name as part of the morning announcements and then the student comes to the office for a special birthday pencil. In alignment with the HCPSS Health & Wellness and Food Policies, we ask that you do not send in a food item if you choose to celebrate your child’s birthday in the classroom. In lieu of a food item, you may send in non-edibile items such as stickers, pencils, erasers, or, your child may wish to donate a book to the classroom library or media center in honor of his/her special day. No balloons or food of any kind may be brought into the classroom.