2020 SJLES Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Competition

This year we’ve had to get (even more) creative in how we celebrate and enjoy Halloween as a school community. So, what better way than a spooky, festive, mucky, funny pumpkin decorating competition!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick your pumpkin/s and decorate in the spookiest design you can think of.
  2. Get your whole family involved and take a picture of you and your pumpkin. Make your photo as interesting as possible – you could wear costumes, make funny faces, create a Halloween scene. Bonus points will be awarded for SJLES colors, themes or other details.
  3. Submit your pumpkin photo at this LINK
  4. Photos will be available for viewing on this page (Please allow up to 24 hours for your photo to appear in the gallery).
  5. Submissions must be made by midnight on October 31st 2020.
  6. SJLES Teachers will vote for the TOP 3 best pumpkin photos – winners will receive a SJLES spirit wear t-shirt!
  7. Judging will conclude and winners announced on Friday November 5th.

SJLES Pumpkin Gallery

#001_Adams family_2020
“This is Pebbles the Pumpkin in a SJLES sweater. The Halloween mist is swallowing him up!”
#007_Alvarez Family
“Evil witch”
#006_Alvarez Family
“Cool pumpkins”
#008_Groman Family
“Darth Vader and his Stormtrooper pumpkin”.
#009_Patel Family
#010_ Zhuravel Family
“The Scary Hairy Pumpkin Spider”
#011_Johnson Family
“The pumpkin of terror!”
“Wenda the witch and her “evil” bunny Bunnicula!”
#012_Rempert Family “Unicorn Pumpkin!”
“Unicorn Pumpkin!”
#14_Chaturvedi’s Family “Who is more scarier 🎃 or 👧”
#15_Bechis Family “Mad Dad” from seed to jack’o’lantern!
#21_ Piergrossi Family
#20_ Piergrossi Family “Boo to you! The Halloween scare!🎃”
#19_Islam Family “We carved out Frankenstein”
#18_Easter Family “Happy Halloween!”
#17_Halvorsen Family
#16_Park Family “Ninjago, Unicorn, and Baymax”
#28_Nichols Family “It’s E.T.!!!”
#35_LU Family “Go Pokémon!”
#31_Guy Family “SJLES virtual classroom with jaguar, witch, and monster”
#29_Ganti Family “When Black cats prowl And Pumpkins gleam, May Luck be Yours On HALLOWEEN 🎃”
#27_ Kramer Family “Crazy Cat Eyes Pumpkin!”
#26_Xia Family “Jaguar Jack-o-lanterns”
#25_Saitta Family “Vampire pumpkin!”
#24_The Scully family “The cactus pumpkin”
#23_ Briones Family “Say cheese!”
#22_Shariff Family “A unique magical pumpkin with powers that changes its color”
#36_Nichols Family “The rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, who is late for a very important date. Happy Halloween”
#30_Nichols Family “Linus. It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown”
#32_Nichols Family “Charlie Brown and Snoopy sitting together”
#33_Nichols Family “Alice in Wonderland”
#34_Nichols Family “It’s a Dragon, Maybe a Pheonix, perhaps a swan. Aidan picked this out and worked on it”
#39_Gable Family
#38_Brown Family “Our silly skeleton and Mike Wazowski”
#37_Ballman Family “Yoshi and his sidekick, Jack, celebrating Halloween with Mario and Princess Peach”